As NWO censorship of anyone questioning the ‘official narrative’ increasingly ramps up to alarming degree shutting down freedom of speech and open discussion, finding alternatives to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well as search engines such as Google and communication platforms like Messenger becomes ever more pertinent. A large number of privacy-respecting services are freely available, recommendations listed below.

Encrypted communications software for both smartphone and PC.


Coeo declares itself a ‘conscious network’. Complete with news updates, geographically mapped social networking and more it addresses mainly spiritually-minded people and allows for easy connecting with them.


Backed by ‘Reality Check’ host Ben Swann who heroically covered the ‘Pizzagate’ scandal (he lost his job), upcoming Isegoria platform promises to provide a range of services dedicated to bringing you the information the controlled press won’t cover and the ability to discuss it without earning a ban.


Similar to the Facebook platform, Minds offers crypto-based, fully-fledged social media system for sharing content and ideas.


Hosted by Mike Adams of NaturalNews fame, Brighteon provides a video sharing platform similar to YouTube (but without the demonetization and channel-killing!).


DuckDuckGo is a search engine. It promises not to track you the way Google’s nasty engine does.


Qubes is ‘reasonably safe’, according to developers, which probably means very safe. I haven’t tested it – but I’m willing to guarantee it contains fewer hacker backdoors that Illuminati-Microsoft’s Windows 10 in which even the built-in mail program creates spelling errors on purpose. Free, safe operating system for your PC.


Tor serves as a virtual VPN, which means it masks your online activities. If you’re concerned about your online activities being tracked by outsiders, Tor will provide a marked upgrade to your security and privacy by making your online footprint much more difficult to follow.